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the. series the rebel coalition stands by an al qaeda linked group which openly admitted to terror attacks in the past as a string of french a deadly bombings hit the damascus. your reason sigh of relief as reason scrape through with its buyback scheme with happens now qualifying for billions more in bailout cash. and other u.n. nuclear watchdog green used talks with iran hoping to examine facilities they believe how secret atomic development has five little evidence to back this is missions.
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it's a one pm here in moscow you live with us on our to you with me tom once a good to have you with us washington's decision to brand a leading rebel group in syria as a terrorist organization sponsor course of outrage among others who enjoy america's overwhelming support the key rebel coalition recognized by the u.s. as the sole representative all of the syrian people has thrown its weight behind the al qaeda linked al nusra front artie's guyana chichi can explains it's clear that washington is trying to distance itself from extremists in syria they have designated the front a terrorist organization it's thought to be one of the most aggressive and ruthless groups currently involved in the conflict washington's decision to call them terrorists this in as more of a symbolic move because many other fighters in syria possibly most of them welcome the efforts of those there's a canadian terrorist efforts that include suicide bombings and killing of a person that was in fact the leader of the very syrian opposition coalition which
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the u.s. has just formally recognized and is supportive of came out and ask the u.s. to reconsider their decision on almost because they've been. so helpful in the fight against all socked but the decision to formally recognize the syrian opposition coalition will pave the way for more support for these rebels and they're asking for weapons for a lot of weapons including heavy artillery and the latest from damascus is that this wednesday explosion parked at the syrian interior ministry we don't know whether it was the al nusra front door another rebel organization behind it what do know that it was a massive explosion right this story explosions whether there has been many blast like that in the past mostly suicide bombings. washington is accusing damascus of using weapons banned for use in populated areas in its fight against the rebels this adds to further allegations that scud missiles have been fired and warnings that chemical arms will be the next step jake of homburg founder and president of
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the future freedom foundation says the u.s. is deliberately demonizing the syrian government we've heard this stuff before about you know saddam hussein's debbie m.d.s. and he was going to unleash them on the us and mushroom clouds over american cities and it was entirely bogus it was that it was a way to get the american people to support the invasion and occupation of the country and that's when all of this interventionism is all about to install their dictators and of power look look how the us empire is not complaining about the dictatorship in bahrain there you've got a military u.s. military base so they've got to stay quiet about that here i mean and you see what went on in egypt you see in saudi arabia i mean the u.s. has long supported dictatorship saddam hussein was one of the ones they supported and so this is about regime change in the hopes of installing a pro u.s. regime but as we've learned things don't come out is that is they often plan to be
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. they kinda means united and people are willing to fight to keep it that way regular protests and clashes erupt in northern ireland over decision the union flag should spend more time in a closet that's delayed for you. plus international outrage and missile test allegations as north korea takes the backlash for successful rocket launch some experts doubting the country poses any military threat at all. falling short of the target going over budget and failing to reach the desired result greece's thirty two billion euro dead buyback scheme is nevertheless being hailed as success the country's carriages are now expected to release athens of more bailout cash money that's been held hostage since some archies put all of our picks up the story. greece's given its financial package is something of an early christmas present by buying back
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a chunk of its debt from them however when they take the wrapping paper off gift they don't find it's a little less which they ask for as part of a pound buyback scheme which saw athens buy back its own problems at around thirty four percent of their original value recording to the french finance minister but that should be enough in order to see them receive the next round of bailout money that the country's been crying out for in fact they've been waiting for that cash since june the international monetary fund had expected greece to be able to get its debt situation down to one hundred twenty four percent of overall economic output by twenty twenty that really does not seem likely right now this is close the i.m.f. to say well we won't be lending any more money to any countries that can't pay back their debts however there is a dangerous precedent with this in terms of greece be able to return the money of course private investors private creditors see greece well a lot of banks and
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a lot of insurance companies have already had to take the hit and it may swell there's no way we're going to get this cash but from greece but that is subject to the i.m.f. certainly not willing to accept right now. europe's now one step transfer to a full fledged banking union out of the blocks finance ministers agree to place the e.u. lenders under a single supervisory body all banks worth more than thirty billion euro is all with a significant presence in europe will now have to answer directly to the european central bank and i have the power to shut down any outfit they judged to be reckless slander or offenders change their strategy critics however doubt the wisdom of empowering bankers to regulate other bankers and questions remain over how much more authority the e.c.b. trying to take. the deadline issued by syrian rebels are threatening to kill
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a ukrainian journalist captured back in october expires on thursday the kidnappers allegedly members of the free syrian army are demanding a fifty million dollar ransom for her release archies a middle east correspondent policia joins us now with more details paula. what are the chances the kidnappers demands will be met and how did she become a target for the rebels. well as you correctly say today is the deadline by which the kidnappers who are allegedly members of the free syrian army have threatened to kill this ukrainian born journalist if a fifty million dollars ransom is not paid now the journalist and her coach never was taken hostage in october and in your homes the free syrian army has held her for nearly two months they've accused her of being both a russian and a syrian spy she has appeared in two you tube videos that were released earlier by the free syrian army and in one of those she appealed to the embassies of ukraine
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and russia as well as to the syrian government to meet the demands of the kidnappers it's very difficult to say whether in fact these demands will in fact be read she read a text in those videos in arabic in which admitted to having participated in the fighting and having worked as a military interpreter with syrian and russian officers burst into tears down the authenticity of these videos believing that they were made while she was under duress now the ukrainian foreign ministry has also released a statement to police the last month saying that officials would negotiate for her release but they did not offer through the details they have of course urged damascus repeatedly to work more actively in trying to secure her release but no it's not the first time foreign journalists have been targeted by rebels is it. no it's certainly not what we witnessed just in november of this year was a prominent syrian activist the name of my. he was captured by the free syrian army at that time he was held and later killed and of course this is
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a message that goes out to anybody who is critical of what is happening with inside syria what we do know about this particular journalist is actually difficult critically about the syrian rebels for both russian and ukrainian news outlets as i mentioned earlier she was labeled a spy by the rebels who claim that she was carrying arms as well as working as an interpreter for the russian officers so certainly there was a lot of concern around the incident of kidnapping and this is also part of the reason why it has become increasingly difficult if not impossible for journalists to work within syria and that is why we have such a distorted picture of what is happening on the ground it's almost impossible to verify any kind of new to postings any kind of reports that are coming from syria largely because of the fear of both kidnapping intimidation and did. policy reporting the live for us thank you. write an early christmas booze for britain's all at least some of them an unexpected drop in unemployment grazes
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hopes of a recovery for the country predicted to be steps away from a triple dip recession. there was atomic watchdog says it's ready to inspect iran's alleged nuclear sites if it's given permission the i.a.e.a. representatives have arrived in toronto new talks which have been at a standstill since august inspectors hope to gain access to the parchin military base near the capital they claim the facility may have been used to develop nuclear weapons and cleaned up afterwards and accusation you have to be back to buy evidence however as maria financial reports the burden of proof is now weighing even heavier on iran. three decades of pride followed by three years of. women sue remember her future husband a young physicist she is. medically knew he'd come a long way indeed he went on to become one of iran's leading nuclear scientists
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until it all ended one sunny morning in january two thousand and ten. left a war and then i heard a terrible explosion i rushed to see what happened he was lying like this. i called. my scooter. i thought he was just scared but then i turned to him there was no face just blood in tissues he was the first victim in a gruesome trend associated with his work since two thousand and ten at least three other nuclear scientists have been murdered in iran. they were working hard so their country didn't need to beg other nations for no house that we have the right acquires this knowledge and feel independent. women series husband began embarking on his nuclear career it was not a life threatening occupation in the seventy's western countries were eager to how
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to run develop its own nuclear program supplying into with technology with no strings attached that changed when the iranian regime deed was earlier seen as inalienable right came its biggest liability emboldened in its pursuit of nuclear weapons billions of dollars have been pumped into the industry before the revolution at the time of the shah why should they give up now just because western powers say so while iran's nuclear program is now a target of western political discourse there is only suspicion and no internationally recognized evidence that the countries moving towards build an atomic weapon iranian officials believe all this tension is fabricated with the sole purpose to demonize them in the eyes of international community if you have know you've in your kitchen and some of the rest. in concert is called your home or if it's very dangerous maybe you want to use it to some.
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this is a very. george king. that receives fear is that the iranian regime can't be trusted with a nuclear capacity but even those who wanted to to change of leadership see it should be no negotiable for the country. you are. wrong. you. aren't rago you. don't. know. which. has been shown that the clock in the living room stopped at the time of his death. the west and iran are equally failing to move forward iran has long insisted on its right to develop a peaceful nuclear program but suspicion in the west has led to more and more
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severe sanctions the more iran resists the more the pressure builds and both sides show little sign of giving up and while the west says only dangerous intentions people here in iran believe it's all down to pride and prejudice or if nationality from teheran. another country by the international community north korea has been widely criticized of its recent successful rocket launch what the u.n. security council becoming the latest to condemn the move it promises and appropriate response sparking speculation the country may be facing further sanctions which i eagerly sought by the u.s. and some european states while most korea says it may put a weather satellite into space countries like japan claim it was a long way to missile test it's coming on the second attempt of this year after a failure in april and i splurge on the north korea professor ruediger franco things. sanctions are highly unlikely to change the country's cause often in the tree development. sections are of course an appropriate means to show your
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political dissatisfaction but in terms of being effective they are almost useless in terms of north korea sanctions have been applied for decades now korea had enough time to find ways around those sanctions that all humanitarian concerns of the allies the tried and so i think sanctions more or less the symbolical function but they will have little actual effect saul's korea whether it's a rocket or a missile is definitely a question of interpretation from a political perspective because technically both devices live you say is just a difference is what the pay a little bit you put a cell of tall it's a rock if you put a new field warhead on top it's a missile the base lives the same thing to go to the u.n. to see a resolution there are the legions of the stations on the legal expert but it is also if he doesn't believe judges resolution it is unlawful to prohibit. all of that launches for peaceful purposes frankly speaking i do nothing to believe that
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north korea tens and all of the attack on its neighbors of this program including nuclear program house truly defensive ends deep in terms of purposes it's in no sides interest to have war because if you go war in korea both korea's election is off for a lot as long as the regime is stable and all three of us actually do people ship there is no immediate danger of a war breaking out. it's children on the frontline in the afghanistan war coming up hundreds of teenagers have been rounded up as part of the u.s. sponsored taliban manhunt many come find without charges for yes that's off the shelf right. the san bernardino california police force was to shrink by eighty officers this year to cover their budget deficit during
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a local meeting the chief of police laid out the city's problems the sea is facing waves of gang violence theft and drug trafficking but with all the prisons completely overcrowded many of these criminals go right back on to the street and there's just nobody to put more police out there to fight them the police chief really only had one solution offer a given situation go home lock your doors and load your gun and you know what actually that's not that bad of a proposition america's always been a country where people been expected to look out for themselves and i appreciate the police chief's honesty but i know the world we live in and i have a feeling that the second a some homeowner shoots a guy who jumps over his fence at night that homeowners going to go to jail for life you can expect that a nineteenth century attitude towards crime will be able to work in a twenty first century world where rapists can sue you because they slipped on your slippery kitchen floor if you want people to be able to defend themselves that's great but you have to allow them the legal liberty to do so or else the criminals will just take over but that's just my opinion.
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well. science technology innovation all the list of elements from around russia we've got the future covered. me speak your language. programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on. reporting from the world talks about six of the p.r.p. interviews intriguing stories are you. trying.
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they're watching our team teetering on the brink of a triple dip recession but tend to have caught a break in the form of an unexpected drop in unemployment but there is bonds to the news has been lukewarm some analysts warn that celebrations could be prime a chill suggesting the statistics on being spun. with reports. share this week with official statistics say the u.k.'s unemployment rate has fallen by eighty two thousand people between august and i'll tell you well the government might have been acting like christmas is coming early but the cold hard reality is that all across britain there are going to be a huge number of people right now he simply don't recognize the picture that they statistics the painting the last one the person is back to work you need to separate out this month's figures from kind of the medium to long term direction of
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the economy on the right market so we're still gigs on the tail end of summer olympics effect we're not sure whether when we start to move out of that period you're going to still see this very strong employment growth particularly amongst young people take for example those on the government's work programme they have to come along to the job fence as part of that program and to be signed up for the mandatory unpaid work experience now those people will no longer be included in the unemployment statistics the very clearly that's very far for a more ordinary people indeed these people on the program themselves would consider employed so you can see you have to be very careful with this not showed that these statistics are giving us do you feel like the government's doing enough to help young people can see anything around me. really and how you find me on the work program a lot of young people we stay can t. have you know i haven't found it all that helpful most of. the people who are
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looking for a job in the same time as me are just like an employer young person who really never worked before in their life so that's it of course is not all bad news there are some encouraging signs in these statistics but it's very early days and to conclude that the labor market here in the u.k. is back to full health would not only be foolhardy it would be dangerous to me in fact predictions saying that in twenty thirteen we could see. youth unemployment told that one million marker again now that could have heat long term implications for the young labor market here in the united kingdom and right now britain is on the precipice of venturing a triple dip recession and so even millions of workers all across the twenty thirty is looking set to be very far from a happy new. surf a london. has also seen the discount done to northern ireland as scores of lawyers
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protesters once again took to the streets of the capital belfast they were reacting to officials who decided to reduce the number of days the union flag flies over the city hall so this really went off peacefully recent days as all vicious clashes with police and numerous arrests but make fealty a blogger are northern irish politics as says the country's appetite for protest isn't as strong as it used to be. at the moment we're not seeing anything like the scale of violence that we had before the peace process began and i think it is an important story. this one susan stroman to me because it has a very strong political roots much more subtle than some of the over disturbances we're seeing over the last few years in the same. cause in the forward. direction between the true major parties at stormont the two people who are actually final response for peace produce producers government northern ireland
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but here it's nothing all the troubles that cause the terrorism for three thousand seven hundred people or over twenty five year period hundreds of afghan teens as some as young as thirteen have been held in u.s. prisons for years it seemed murders designated the enemy competence of the boys are said to have been taken and held without charge to prevent them from taking part in the insurgency is an associate shooting our reports. over the last several years what has been going on is over two hundred afghan teenagers that were captured a detained as a result of the fight against the taliban and al qaida in afghanistan and held at a u.s. military prison. airbase and the shocking numbers here are that the age of these people was on average sixteen years old a lot of them were a lot younger we're talking about twelve thirteen fourteen year old kids held for an average of a year and curiously in many of these cases we're talking about brothers here who
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are sitting at a hole and just captured and detained and taken into this military prison because there are six back to being anime competence and in many cases it's important to underline here that these teenagers were not wearing military uniforms they were not participating in combat they were just suspected of being enemy combatants and they were taken to. the u.s. says it's a preventative measure we need to do i do everything we can to make sure these suspected enemy combatants don't return into the battlefield and cause they're not charged with any crime whatsoever there's no mandatory rule that they need to be provided with legal assistance they're saying that these afghan teenagers were allowed for example to participate in open hearings and defend themselves afghan teenagers defending themselves we have to say that most of the many of them have been released or transferred to the afghan government at this point but many do remain as well. and right after this break of talks with the director general of
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the bolshoi theater about the paulson future juries russian opera house rather enjoys. you to slow enough to ride a horse you've got to. catch it first. for him it's a daily routine that just softens a horse breeder on the island of horn at the heart of. his life on an isolated farm is about blue sky green grass and horses what sometimes it gets lonely here but horses have become part of me now i've fallen off so many times sometimes that
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bites as well it's part of my everyday life. homes been home to it rats like me just laugh for centuries most still live off the land of cattle and fish every evening local villagers place their nets and in the morning the catch is always good. we always have enough here. if by call is often called the pearl of siberia i horn i said to be the pearl of by call it's all end of think forests. and vast steps. it's also a place of traditions respected by locals and travelers alike. an economist turned adventurer has crisscrossed by called shores and learned its
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customs well. you see pillars like this and thought to have supernatural powers every traveler who comes here asks the spirits to make their journey easier give them strength and fulfill their dearest wishes virtually undiscovered by tourists until some twenty years ago i was cornish quickly becoming a magnet for nature lovers and real sick others but those used to five star pampering may be. in for a surprise the island's infrastructure has yet to catch up with the growing demand here quite some way from civilization here accommodation on the island is very basic so you can forget about a t.v. or even running water for most people tent is the on the eruption but for those who come here it's exactly what they're looking for.
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you believe you and your need to buy coal can be unique trip of a lifetime and the locals say once you've seen it you'll be coming back again and again. hello again the welcome to spotlight and i'll really love my guests on the show is on the peaks on it's been a year since moscow's theater reopened down through a complete seven hundred million births. the first season proved to be a huge success people queuing for tickets literally.


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